Italian Coffee Beans

Italian Coffee Beans



Filicori Zecchini was founded in Bologna in 1919 by Aldo Filicori and Luigi Zecchini. Strengthened by the concrete experience gained day by day in a small shop in the centre of the town, Mr. Filicori and Mr. Zecchini understood the importance of offering their customers a product of authentic quality.

That’s why they decided to personally follow the whole production process, starting from the import of the green coffee since to the cup of coffee. So it was no longer a dream and they founded Filicori Zecchini, company that became rapidly known in the town of Bologna as a synonym of “coffee”.

From 1919 the way was long and also today, after almost one century, the company is still leaded by the same two families. Despite to the industrial dimension that the company got in the years ’50 of ‘900, the philosophy is still the same: artisan passion united to technological innovation, without ever substituting the direct intervention of the man. As it is for those who devote themselves to a true Art, dedicated to the creation of unmistakable products.


The care and the attention paid to the roasting process, together with years of experience, are fundamental elements that bring out the flavour and particular aroma of the Filicori Zecchini blends. 

But before this, it is the very careful selection of the green coffee that determines if we will taste an excellent espresso. That’s why Filicori Zecchini is directly dealing since years with reliable suppliers.

Filicori Zecchini has always been roasting each kind of green coffee separately. With its yearly experience in the field, Filicori Zecchini stated that each different kind of green coffee has its own optimal cooking degree. That’s why we adopt this procedure: by obtaining the best quality and flavour from each coffee quality, which are then blended together, we can guarantee maximum constancy in quality.


The Filicori Zecchini most important blends scrupulously attain to the technical requirement of the Italian Espresso National Institute - written in 1998 and subsequently approved by an Authorized Institute (C.S.Q.A., certificate of product conformity,n. 214, 24 September 1999, DTP 008 ed. 1) - and have, therefore, right to show the “Certified Italian

Espresso” trademark. This acknowledgment is granted only to those blends showing some precise features, thus making them easily distinguishable from imitations. It is mandatory that the

Certified Italian Espresso is obtained by means of a blend of roasted coffee beans from several origins, ground by the barista at the moment of preparation and processed by espresso coffee machine in order to obtain a drink with precise organoleptic features, given by the scientific rules of sensorial analysis. The colour of the cream must be hazelnut - tending to moor head hue and with a finest texture, without bubbles or loosen weft. The scent is intense, with evident flowery, fruit toasted bread and chocolate nuances, all feelings which should linger in the aftertaste sometimes even for minutes.