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Greenwheat Freekeh is a delicious, highly nutritious grain made from young grains of wheat harvested at their nutritional peak and then lightly toasted. Its nutty taste and wholesome texture makes Freekeh a flavourful alternative to rice, couscous and bulgur wheat.

Check out the nutritional benefits:

• Low GI/low insulin response (good for diabetics)

• High in Fibre (up to 4 times more than Brown rice!)

• High in Protein (Approx. 60% higher than rice)

• Higher in Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium & iron compared to rice and pasta

• All natural, free from any chemicals

• Rich in Prebiotic properties

• GMO free

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About the product
Ingredients: Greewheat freekeh
Origin UK
Packaging: 200g