Castillo De Canena ARBEQUINA&CO 03

  • Castillo De Canena ARBEQUINA&CO 03

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Castillo De Canena


Yet another innovative and unique line of products by Castillo de Canena: Arbequina & Co.  

An exclusive collection of its finest oils of the arbequina variety infused with essential oils of fruits, flowers and herbs. Arbequina & Co. is ideal for mixing cocktails and for enhancing the flavor or cheeses, desserts and meals.

ARBEQUINA&CO 03: Cardamom, mandarin and apple. Ideal for making Dry Martinis or Gin Tonics, for serving with blue cheeses or Edam, for preparing pastas, rice dishes or mayonnaise, and as an accompaniment to char-grilled chicken or roast pork, among other things.

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Origin Spain
Packaging: 100ml
Transport packaging: 12