Castillo De Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Plancton

  • Castillo De Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Plancton

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Castillo De Canena


Castillo De Canena's new Arbequina extra virgin olive oil infused with sea phytoplankton. A unique product in the world, with an intense aroma and an explosive taste of the sea, along with the green and fruity of the fresh arbequina variety olive juice. This oil is 100% natural and vegan – since the plankton is of vegetable and not animal origin – offers us a different and unlimited world of gastronomic and culinary possibilities. An incredible experience that immerses us in a fresh and intense sea.

Tasting notes: This oil has maximum expressiveness in the nose and mouth to the sea although in both they appear other sensations unique and surprising, as a result of the union of this marine product with the juice of the fresh olive, which gives green and fruity notes that positively intensify the green seaweed, the iodine and the intensity of the crustacean. It is very fresh and elegant, with a mild bitter and spicy balanced, which disappears quickly. The mouthfeel is very sweet in balance with the salty memories of the sea.

Serving suggestions: Try it with seafood risotto, fish, seafood, tuna tartar, mayonnaise, vinaigrettes, pasta, ceviches.

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Origin Spain
Packaging: 250ml
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