Sweet jellified sauce of raspberries with rose petals and Szechuan pepper 72g


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Can Bech


To compliment their softness and clean, lactic aromas we looked for a sweet, fragrant sauce, with a similar texture that would accompany the flavor of the cheese without masking it. The combination of raspberries, that conserve their attractive ruby red colour, the perfume of rose petals and the personality of Szechuan pepper, added in just the right measure, results in a fine and delicate fusion.

For pairing with fresh and soft cheeses: Mozzarella, Ricotta, Feta, Mascarpone, Cabecou, Cottage, Panela.

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About the product
Ingredients: sugar, water, lemon juice, raspberries 3%, rose petals 1%, gelling (fruit pectin), szechuan pepper 0.1%, natural rose aroma.
Origin Spain
Packaging: 72g x 12 in display
Transport packaging: 12