Wine vinegars

Gardeny Vinegars 

We are glad to introduce you the vinegars Castell de Gardeny, produced in Spain since 1908 by 5 generations of vinegar masters. The new range of totally natural vinegars produced according to Schutzenbach method turn your favourite dishes into new creations every day.

The Schützenbach Method

Against quick fermentation systems and methods for vinegars elaboration, of a high production and low organoleptic traces, Badia Vinagres has selected a traditional method with around 150 years of application for its vinegars. Invented on 1823 by the German chemist Schützenbach, it follows a slow and careful process that permits the extraction of the best features of vinegar and its origin wine. It produces excellent quality vinegars and, at the same time, it permits de development and conservation of its aromatic and gustative qualities.