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Chile Pasilla de Oaxaca is a medium-hot smoked chilli. 

Native to the Oaxaca region of southern México and seldom seen outside this area, pasilla de Oaxaca chillies are preserved through smoke-drying and highly prized for their complex smoky flavour.

  • Mahogany colour 
  • Wrinkly + high flesh to skin ratio 
  • Notes of: applesmoke wood + red berries 

Heatscale: 6/10

Serving Suggestion:
For a twist on a traditional favourite, stuff rehydrated whole pasilla de Oaxaca chillies with mozzarella, dip in egg batter and fry until crisp, golden and hot.

Lightly toast then rehydrate chilles to release their flavour. Wipe clean and remove stems and seeds. Open out flat and toast briefly in a dry pan on a medium heat until fragrant, then soak in just boiled water for 15 minutes. Drain and blend to a paste with a splash of water, then strain through a sieve before using. For a more subtle heat, add whole chillies directly to whatever you're cooking, removing before serving. Always wash your hands after handling chillies!

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Origin Mexico
Packaging: 50g