Michel Cluizel Plantation Chocolate Los Anconès 67% BIO

  • Michel Cluizel Plantation Chocolate Los Anconès 67% BIO

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About the Los Ancones Cocoa Plantation:

This plantation is located on the Caribbean island of Santo Domingo. The Los Ancones plantation is in the centre of the island and somewhat above sea level, and it benefits from the abundant amounts of warm rain brought by the trade winds. Since 1903, not much has changed in the Rizek family’s plantation, where an aromatic variety of trinitario cocoa trees is cultivated. This is done with full respect for the cocoa trees, under the protection of palm trees, and without adding any fertilizers or pesticides (organic cocoa). The beans are fermented for six or seven days and dried in the sun on racks without regaining any moisture thanks to the use of drying houses with sliding roofs.

Flavour profile:

The Rizek family beans release in this chocolate their aromas of liquorice wood then red berries and green olives with a lingering  avour of dried currants and apricots. The taste is very long presence of the chocolate with a fascinating herbaceous bitterness.

Weight, ingredients and more details

About the product
Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pods.
Packaging: 70g
Transport packaging: 20