Michel Cluizel Plantation Chocolate Mangaro Lait 50%

  • Michel Cluizel Plantation Chocolate Mangaro Lait 50%

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About the Mangaro Plantation:

In Africa, in the north-west of the island of Madagascar, the ‘Mangaro’ plantation spreads out along the rich valley of the Sambirano river. The cocoa draws some of its specific aromatic characteristics from a tropical climate that is marked by a long dry season, tempered by the maritime in uence of the Indian Ocean. The name of the plantation, ‘Mangaro’, calls up the vast forest of mangoes (‘mangamaro’) that covered the area before the cocoa trees were planted there. In Madagascar, trinitarios are well known for the light-coloured surface of their beans, a sure sign of their links with criollo, and their tangy aromas are typical of the cultivar and the locality alike.

Flavour profile:

With an exceptional 50 % cocoa content, this Milk ‘1er Cru de Plantation®’ chocolate expresses, in a highly refined blend, notes of caramel, exotic fruits, spice cake and honey, completed with sultanas. On the aftertaste there is persistent note of roasting.

Weight, ingredients and more details

About the product
Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pods.
Packaging: 70g
Transport packaging: 20