Michel Cluizel Plantation Chocolate Mokaya 66% BIO

  • Michel Cluizel Plantation Chocolate Mokaya 66% BIO

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About the Mokaya plantation:

This plantation located in the Chiapas region of Mexico perpetuates the local age-old tradition by producing unique taste cocoa beans. Firstly, the powerful notes of cocoa and fruits burst on the palette, but then they turn into dried fruits flavours. The home of cocoa, which was discovered about ten years ago at the heart of the Chiapas province in Mexico, stretches down to the border with Guatemala. Over 2000 years before our era, the Mokayas, an indigenous people of  shermen, already used to have a drink made with cocoa  esh or grains: the  rst “cocoa” in the world, which was then called “kakawa”. At the heart of the warmest area of the country, on fertile volcanic lands, planters perpetuate an age-old tradition that dates back to the Maya period.

Flavour profile:

After a first very "jammy" hint of exotic fruits, this chocolate bar reminds the acidulous honey of the wild bees of Mexico, before revealing a final hint of strong cocoa  flavour. The aftertaste holds strong chocolate notes with a slight spiciness.

Weight, ingredients and more details

About the product
Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pods.
Packaging: 70g
Transport packaging: 20