Michel Cluizel Plantation Chocolate Vila Gracinda 67%

  • Michel Cluizel Plantation Chocolate Vila Gracinda 67%

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About the Vila Gracinda plantation:

In Africa, off Gabon, São Tomé is a small island made up of a volcano, on the equator, in the Gulf of Guinea. Its volcanic soil and its hot, very moist equatorial climate suit the cocoa trees so well that cocoa growing accounts for 90 % of the island’s export revenues. São Tome really deserves its nickname of “Chocolate Island”. In the east of the island, close to the costs, the plantation ‘Vila Gracinda’ spreads on 50 ha. The plantations go back to the nineteenth century, and they benefit from the full range of savours of various very old varieties. Amongst them, the famous forastero amelonado, with its round red pod, is still the mainstay of São Tome’s reputation. Because the ‘Vila Grancinda’ plantation is set close to the sea, the rich aromas of its cocoa trees are further heightened by a hint of iodine from the salt spray of the Atlantic Ocean.

Flavour profile:

This chocolate, born from a volcanic and marine soil, reveals toasted, spicy and herbaceous notes with flavours of ripe tropical fruits and liquorice sticks. The aftertaste long and complex medley of spices, honey, liquorice, and slightly salted notes.

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About the product
Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pods.
Packaging: 70g
Transport packaging: 20